We do the research, you get the deals.

We find genuine sales on Prime-eligible items with more than 4 stars. No coupon codes required.

Nobody has time to explore all of Amazon’s ever-expanding inventory. At last count (December 2017) there were nearly 400 million items. If you looked at each item for 5 seconds, it would take you 64 years to shop the whole catalog. WHAT?!

The Amazon Deals page is just as overwhelming. At any given time there are as many as 7,000 active deals. WAY too many to wade through, even if you love online shopping.

Plus, many of the deals are for products with bad reviews, just-launched items that might be garbage or products that are out of stock or not eligible for Amazon Prime.

That’s where Big Amazon Discounts comes in.


Our Criteria

Every day, we find deals.

Every deal must fit all four of our criteria:

  1. Genuine deal: at least 10% less than the lowest price offered in the last 90 days.
  2. Prime-eligible and in-stock.
  3. At least 100 reviews that average more than 4-stars.
  4. No coupon codes required.


Why Choose Us

We are a real company, with real people, based in Boise, Idaho, USA.

There are other Facebook pages that claim to be about deals. But, we are different. Those other pages are usually affiliated with the product-makers who are launching new products and hoping to get reviews by offering deep discounts and limited numbers of coupons. Sure, there is a place for product-testing and review-gathering, but, there are three reasons that most people don’t participate:

  1. Those products are un-tested and may be garbage.
  2. Offering discounted products in exchange for reviews is a little shady and may even be in violation of Amazon’s terms of service. (Amazon has stated that paying people for reviews is a violation, and they are actively removing reviews from products that were purchased at a discount because they tend to inflate the star-ratings.)
  3. Even if you find a product you like, most of the time they have run out of coupons before you can make the purchase.

We are not affiliated with the manufacturers or sellers. That means we are not trying to convince you to buy stuff to boost Amazon rankings or star-ratings. We just want to find things we think you will like that meet all of our criteria.


Unexpected Treasures

One of the best benefits of following Big Amazon Discounts on Facebook is that we may find unique items that you (and even Amazon) may not even know would love.

Amazon’s recommendation algorithm is awesome for a LOT of stuff. It can help you find items that are similar to recent purchases you’ve made. And, they can remind you to buy things you viewed but didn’t end up buying.

 But, what about those finds that you’re not looking for (but should be)? That’s where we come in. Every day, we look for items that meet our strict criteria. Sometimes we find items in housewares, pet supplies, baby stuff, toys & games, electronics, and even automotive. Following Big Amazon Discounts is a great way to be exposed to unique products you likely wouldn’t see otherwise.

What’s Next?

So, here’s what we would like you to do.
Either like our Facebook page:
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Or, follow us on WordPress:
Either way, soon you will be shopping like a pro.
Legal stuff: Big Amazon Discounts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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