Super Hero Heat Changing Mugs – Reviews

Sometimes coffee is not enough and you need a super hero to help you start your day. Never fear: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern are here to save the day!

Four Super Heroes to Choose From

Whether you are a fan of the galaxy’s most famous Kryptonian, Gotham’s brooding orphan, an Amazon Princess, or just a regular human with a pretty cool fashion accessory… these mugs are for you.

Each mug transforms when you add hot liquid. Each mild-mannered hero transforms to save the day. The Bat Signal makes Batman Appear. Diana Prince transforms “faster than the human eye could see”. The Green Lantern calls for the aid of he Corps. And Clark Kent ditches his glasses to stop a huge meteor.

What’s in the box

Each 14-oz mug includes a temperature-sensitive coating that changes when hot. They are all food- and microwave-safe. The manufacturer recommends hand-washing only (no dishwashers) and not to let the outside of the mugs soak for extended periods, which will extend the life of the mugs.

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